Beer Can Chicken Rub Six Pack

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If you’ve been searching for a kick-in-the-butt good meal that your family will love, only to no avail – look no further. We’ve got the best – body loving – meal planning chicken rub you’ve ever tasted… with a 6 pack! This 6 pack doesn’t even need to spend hours working out to look and taste this good. All you have to do is rub olive oil all over your chicken’s body, let it roll around in our sandy spices, give it a beer and let it bake in the heat for a while. Your chicken’s breasts and thighs will make all of the neighbors envious. They are going to want to know the secrets to your body rocking flavors. It doesn’t have to be a secret – let them rock those sexy, beer glistened legs, too.
And to really kick things up a bit, with a high heel to boot, don’t forget to pick up a Beer Butt Chicken Roaster and give your body the workout it really needs…. Or heck, just go all out with a Beer Butt Chicken Kit. It’s got the thermostat to make sure you’re burning the calories you need to get the most out of your chicken’s workout. Looking good never tasted so good. Try any one of these 6 spices on your next meal and you’ll be saying, “Eat your heart out…”


Add olive oil, rub generously on chicken, turkey, or any poultry. Put can of beer (half full) put the whole can up in the cavity of the bird and cook on grill for an hour or so, depending on temp. Make sure the bird is done, then enjoy.


Spices, Garlic, Salt, Dried Chiles, Granulated Lemon Peel. 
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