Authentic Greek Marinade

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Greece, the land of mythology, architecture, rich intellectual history, and, of course, excellent cuisines! Have your guests reunite with past memories of superb Greek food or introduce them for the first time to what Greek dining is all about with Authentic Greek Marinade. Add to your next lamb recipe to create a very authentic Greek dish, but you can add this marinade to any meat recipe and the flavor will still be delicious. Add a touch of Greek to other marinades if you desire;Butter Garlic Marinade will combine Greek and garlic for a flavor-packed union, or Cajun Marinade will add a kick to the cuisine.


To make 10 lb. of meat,mix 3.7 oz. of mix with 3/4 gallon to 1 gallon of water,depending on the strength you desire. Refrigerate in plastic or stainless steel container for 1-24 hours.


Salt, spices, dextrose, sodium phosphates, garlic powder, spice extractives
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