Anise Oil

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Anise seed oil can be used in small amounts to create the same wonderful licorice flavor you know. You can use it to make cookies, biscotti, cakes and more. It brings that distinctive taste to ethnic confectioneries such as New Zealand aniseed wheels, Austrian humbugs, British aniseed balls, Italian pizzelle, and Peruvian picaroons.
Anise Oil can be added to sassafras in making root beer, or to boiling water when making Anise tea. When substituting Anise Oil for anise powder, be sure to cut the amount by 1/4th.
Anise Oil has a uniquely high freezing temperature of only 50 degrees. When shipping in cold temperatures it's not uncommon for the oil to arrive solidified. Simply place the container in warm water to re-liquefy the oil. Anise Oil is also used in aroma therapy to sooth cold symptoms. Be aware that if the concentrated oil comes in contact with some plastics it may warp them, so the use of glass, metal and wood are best suited for working with this oil. 


5 - 6 drops of this pure anise oil is equal to 1 tsp of anise extract. Highly concentrated flavoring, keep out reach of children. Not water soluble. Do not apply oil directly to skin.


Natural Anise Oil.
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