Ajowan Seed



Ajowan seed, also known as bishop's weed or carom, adds a bold flavor and pleasant aftertaste to your Indian cooking or other cuisine. Ajowan seed tastes similar to thyme and works well with starchy foods such as pastries, breads, or root vegetables. Mix ajowan seed with butter, carrots, and potatoes in a tin foil pouch and bake or grill them for perfectly seasoned, tender vegetables. You can also add ajowan seed to your bread dough for a tasty, crispy crust. Add ajowan with chaat masala to season your curries or other Indian dinners. 


Ajowan has a particular affinity to starchy foods like savory pastries and breads. Snack like Bombay mix and potato balls get an extra kick from ajowan.It is also good with green beans and root vegetables.


Ajowan Seed.
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