1.5 x15" Mahogany Fibrous Casings - Bag of 25

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  • 1.5 x15" Mahogany Fibrous Casings - Bag of 20
  • 1.5 x15" Mahogany Fibrous Casings - Bag of 20


While you can use 1.5 x 15” Mahogany Casings in your backyard smokehouse, it isn’t required in order to gain a luxurious color for the next batch of salami or sausages. Everyone knows that nothing tastes better than homemade. Fill one 4 ounce casings with 1-2 pounds of ground beef, pork, or even venison seasoned with your favorite spices and herbs and wait for the magic to happen. You’ll get rave reviews once you serve your guests BBQ sausages made with our high quality mahogany casings. Choose only the best for you next sausage making project. Choose 1.5 x 15” Mahogany Casings in a convenient pack of 25 from American Spice.


Start with 25lbs. of lean beef, or you can use 5lbs. of pork with 20lbs. of deer. Grind meat through 3/8th plate. Add 1 quart of cold water to 12oz of 4570500119 Soy Protein Blend and then mix into meat. Mix Prague Pink Curing Salt into seasoning, then into 1 quart of cold water. Regrind meat through 1/8th plate. Stuff into fibrous casings that have been soaked in 90 to 100 degree water for 30 minutes. Hold over night in refrigerator. Cook at 180 degrees to internal temperature of 160 degrees.


A synthetic casing used beef stick,salami,summer sausage and more.Not edible.One casing will hold 1-2 lbs. of sausage.

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